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Class A Florida General Contractor


Addressing Environmental
   Concerns Since 1984


Member of the
Tampa Bay Builders Association

Member C-11 Committee Drywall, Stucco
This is the international committee that writes the building codes for stucco and drywall.

EPA Certified Lead Remodeler
Environmental Safety & Health Institute
Certificate # R-L-18496-10-08402

About The Home Experts, Inc.

Mr. Herman has been an unlimited General Contractor, CGC007826 for 44 years. He is a voting member of the ASTM C-11 Committee that establishes building codes for Stucco.   Mr. Herman has been involved in Florida construction his entire life.  At 16 he worked on a 40 story. He built his first homes in 1974.  Mr. Herman has been responsible for the pouring of millions of square feet of concrete in high-rises and the construction of thousands of homes. 
Mr. Herman has been a stucco contractor and is a stucco (exterior cladding) inspector. 

Mr.Herman has been inspecting homes for water intrusions and stucco failures since 1984.

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