Stucco Inspections 

What is wrong with this picture?  Bad Tyvek repair/remediation photographs.During my travels I ran across what I can only describe as a frankinjob

I have warned home owners that contracting directly with a stucco installer to repair/remediate their stucco damage can be problematic. In this case it is dangerous. Always have a Stucco Professional protect your interest.

Part of the stucco of the second floor

of this home has been removed due

to stucco damage. A crew has

reinstalled the Tyvek. This is Tyvek

Home Wrap. Tyvek Stucco Wrap should

be used under stucco. Notice that the

Tyvek has been installed in small pieces

and in different directions.

Tyvek is manufactured in long rolls

so the joints where water can enter are


DuPont provides easily understood

and easily accessed installation

instructions. This is not DuPont’s fault

 in any way.

The Tyvek Joints are not taped.

Water can enter the home and

cause damage.

The Tyvek is not finished around the

windows. This will allow water to

enter the home and cause damage to

the home.

They did not remove all the damaged

stucco. There are too many layers of

Black Construction Paper. This will

hold water and cause the

stucco to fail. Why save a small

amount of damaged stucco?

The scaffolding is not high enough.

(there is no safety rails either)

The rusted wire lath is left.

This will continue to rust after

the new stucco is applied.

The rust pushes out and damages

the stucco.

The stucco was removed at the corner

by beating the stucco with a hammer.

No thought was given on how to

properly join the new and old stucco.

This area will certainly fail again.

Below, there is more damaged

stucco that is being overlooked.

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