Stucco Inspections 

Some of the tools we use.

Mr. Herman conducts all inspections and is reasonably priced.  Please contact us. We can help you.

Below is some stucco cracks and staining that may indicate future stucco failure.

The Thermal Imaging Camera photograph above was taken here.

This is a Phantom III Professional Drone

The Drone has a high resolution camera.

Below is a Thermal Imaging Camera. It can detect

moisture under the stucco. The Blue is moisture in the wall

We specialize in Inspecting Stucco and Resolving Stucco Problems.

 Mr. Herman is a voting member of the ASTM C-11 Committee.  The C-11 Committee writes the building codes for Stucco.  Mr. Herman has been a stucco contractor and has built and serviced over 15,000 stucco homes. 

Tom Herman, the President of The Home Experts has had an Unlimited General Contractor’s License for 44 Years. License number CGC 007826

   Are cracks in your stucco damaging your home?

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