Stucco Inspections 

Basic stucco (exterior cladding) inspections: Many home owners become concerned when they notice cracks in their stucco.  This visual Inspection will identify any cracking that may lead to future stucco problems/damage and water intrusions.  We will also make basic suggestions for addressing problematic stucco cracks. We will prepare a written report.

Minor damaged stucco inspections:

This stucco inspection is for home owners who have identified minor damage.  This includes the Basic stucco (exterior cladding) inspection.  We will also visually identify the damage and make basic suggestions for addressing the damage. We will issue a written report.


Significant damage stucco inspections:  
This stucco inspection would include the above stucco inspections. In addition we will drill and patch holes in the stucco to test for delamination and stucco thickness.
We will remove 1 window sill to attempt to identify the manufacturer of the Plastic House Wrap. We will identify any visual construction defects that in our opinion has caused or contributed to the stucco damage/problems. It may be impossible to identify who is responsible for the stucco damage/problems in a home without inspecting a sample of other homes in the community or several communities.

Stucco Inspection Services

We provide Stucco (Exterior Cladding) inspections for a variety of needs:  Interior water intrusion inspections; Basic stucco (exterior cladding) inspections; And Preliminary stucco (exterior cladding) damage inspections. 

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